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Article: Introducing The Brigantes Range

Introducing The Brigantes Range

Introducing The Brigantes Range

Brigantes is our new range of headcovers that pays homage to the rich history and culture of the Brigantes tribe, who once inhabited the northern regions of England, Including Yorkshire, where these headcovers are crafted.

Crafted from genuine leather, sourced locally from Leeds, England which was also inhabited by various Celtic tribes, including the Brigantes, each headcover is a testament to the region's rich heritage and craftsmanship.

The Brigantes headcovers are designed with a unique v-cut at the bottom of each cover and embroidered numbers add to the antique look and feel.

The Brigantes golf headcovers are available in a range of colors, including dark green, red, blue, brown, and grey, each representing a different aspect of the Brigantes culture and history.

  • Eburacum Evergreen - Eburacum is the Latin name for modern-day York, which was once the capital of the Brigantes tribe
  • Brigantia Blaze - Brigantia was a goddess associated with the Brigantes tribe
  • Carvetii Coast - The Carvetii were another ancient tribe that lived in the same region as the Brigantes, and the coast refers to the coastal regions of modern-day Cumbria and Lancashire
  • Brigantium Bronze - Brigantium was an important settlement in the Brigantes' territory, located in modern-day Austria
  • Pennine Peak - The Pennines are a mountain range that runs through northern England, including the regions where the Brigantes lived
  • Brigantian Bark - This name plays off the idea of the natural world and the color brown, referencing the bark of trees and the Brigantes tribe.

But who were the Brigantes, and why are they so important?

The Brigantes were a powerful tribe that dominated northern England for centuries, long before the arrival of the Romans in Britain. Their territory covered a vast area, including modern-day Yorkshire, Lancashire, and Cumbria.

They were known for their fierce independence and military prowess, and they were skilled in agriculture, metalworking, and trade. They had their own language and customs, and their culture was shaped by their connections with other Celtic tribes in the region.

The Brigantes were also known for their resistance against Roman occupation. In the early years of the Roman conquest, they allied with the Romans against other tribes but later rebelled against Roman rule, leading to a long and bloody conflict.

These headcovers pay tribute to the legacy of this ancient tribe, capturing their spirit of independence, strength, and innovation. The use of locally sourced leather from Leeds and the unique design features are a nod to the Brigantes' mastery of craftsmanship and trade, while the range of colors reflects their cultural and historical significance.

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